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Title: How to mark threads as solved
Post by: mab on 15-07-2008 23:40:32
Hi 2all,

The forum is built in that way that every theme (board) has its own board in which you can find threads with the solution of the problem you are looking for. Adequate answered threads will be moved into the corresponding board. This guarantees a clear structure of the forum.
This structure proves that threads which still need help can be found easily.
At the same time you are able to find already answered questions much faster.

How to do:

only the author of the thread has the possibility to mark the thread as solved.
To do this open your FIRST posting by the button "Modify"!


then you chose in the drop down menu "Solved"


The corresponding symbol will appear besides the select list:


By this the post symbol will be shown in the thread overview of the board:


now we can see which threads can be moved to the sub boards  :-)