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Title: mod_joomimg
Post by: Netburn on 25-04-2011 23:34:31
Hey Guys,

I'm using latest JoomImage module (1.5.7) with latest JoomGallery and everything is working ok in FF and Chrome, however I can't get the module to work correctly in IE (8.0).

I have set the module to show 3 columns but in IE it will display the pictures in 1 column and pagination won't work (when enabled).

Does anyone have any idea of what could be happening?

Thanks for your help.

Title: Re: mod_joomimg
Post by: aHa on 27-04-2011 18:22:10
could you post a link please?


Title: Re: mod_joomimg
Post by: Netburn on 28-04-2011 22:24:11
Hello Andreas, thanks for helping.

Right now I have the module unpublished becasue it was not only working incorrectly but also affecting the whole site's visualization.

Could it be a problem with MooTools or something like that? We're using JA Teline IV template, could that be affecting?

I could publish the mod again and give you the link, so you may see by yourself for some minutes, but won't be able to leave the module published the entire time cause it's causing big trouble.

Let me know when you're online to publish it.


Title: Re: mod_joomimg
Post by: Kmr1978 on 28-04-2011 23:16:38
wow, i am having exactly same issue and posted with new thread before i sa yours. I dont think it's anything to with browser. I have same issue with ie.8 and firefox.

Title: Re: mod_joomimg
Post by: Dainius_m on 27-02-2012 16:35:27
Hello, I have notice that in IE8 Pagination is not working, When I click on
second page, everything disappears.
With mozila everything ok.