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Title: Changing Image Aliase in the Frontend Issue
Post by: Joshua on 03-05-2011 02:02:41
I find this kinda important, in the front end when ever I change the alias of a image and save it, it redirects me to the frontpage of joomgallery.

Example I have a photo Called "Mount Maude" (as seen here ) which before was titled "Maude". I changed the alias to be "Mount Maude" from the frontend when using the new edit button in detail view. I know exactly why the problem occurs. When you edit a photo I believe it redirects you to the url of the image you were editing. But that url is no longer valid due to the url change when editing the alias, as a result any faulty joomgallery urls redirect you to the frontpage.

I tested changing the title in the photo manager which as I predicted does not have this problem.  ;-)

Not sure this is possible, but once you save the image it would be cool if it redirected you to the url based on your alias change. If this problem were fixed, it would also help when completely getting rid of the alias and letting the title generate the url when editing a photo.
Any help would be appreciated.

Title: Re: Changing Image Aliase in the Frontend Issue
Post by: Erftralle on 04-05-2011 19:10:12
You have analyzed the problem very well and have correctly identified the cause.
Unfortunately, I can't offer a solution.
At the time when the redirect links for returning back to the calling URL are created the new alias is not known and at the time it is known it is too late for creating the redirect links.

Title: Re: Changing Image Aliase in the Frontend Issue
Post by: Joshua on 26-10-2012 09:39:00
I figured out how this can be solved! ;D So many galleries have it set up so that the image title is in the url (Joomgallery as well), but does not necessarily have to be proper. Joomgallery unfortunately is very absolute.

On another gallery I posted a photo called "Evening Light on Three Fingers" which if I somehow lost the "e" in the word three in the url, the page will still take me to the right place: (notice the missing "e" in three)
The url was originally:
This is because the photo is ID dependent and can still load with a inaccurate title.

Native Joomla articles is the same way! Here is a great example of this:
The url says completely wrong (at the end of it), when it actually links right to my trip report (Inspired to Climb Spire Point). So if Joomgallery was made to work this way, I can be almost certain this problem above would be solved.

Another benefit to this is if in the backend a admin changes a title, the old url will still work.

Title: Re: Changing Image Aliase in the Frontend Issue
Post by: Chraneco on 26-10-2012 13:02:37

by allowing that it would be possible to create fake URLs which could be bad for SEO.

It is a bug that this is possible with Joomla! article. Please read this for more information:

That tracker item will most probably fix this in Joomla!.

We will try to fix the problem you mentioned above in another way.


Title: Re: Changing Image Aliase in the Frontend Issue
Post by: Joshua on 27-10-2012 04:15:03
I thought of another idea (before I even tired searching wordpress)
I decided to check out the set up of wordpress which they have it set up so that if you change the url title, the url still works but changes the url to it's original form.

I think it's also bad SEO to have broken url's. Currently Joomgallery has the upload setup so that if you upload multiple photos it's the same title. This would require the users to change the title and possibly the alias. (although that part is not required)

If we are worried about creating fake url's, I could make up something like which obviously it wouldn't work. So why would someone want to create a fake url that actually works?  ;-)

Just some things to consider. However, if another method is designed to fix the problem originally stated in this thread, I'd be pleased.  :-)