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Title: mootools upgrade conflict
Post by: grantiago on 05-01-2012 01:29:58
any time I enable the joomla system mootools upgrade plugin the lightbox from the module breaks and goes to a html page with the image in a corner rather than a slimbox.

It doesn't matter what the settings in the joomgallery slimbox plugin. It will work with any of them: 1.5.8, 1.71, 2.04 until I enable the mootools upgrade system. everything else on the site (seems)to work without the mootools upgrade, but kunena gives an error and the bb code function fails in kunena. joomgallery
1.5.2 plg Integrate Slimbox mod joom img the multi
1.5.23 joomla
template rockettheme tachyon
other boxes: sig plus, rokbox
kunena 1.7x