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Title: All images disappeared!
Post by: allfive on 29-02-2012 23:03:10
v2.0.0 BETA5, Joomla 1.7.4

Gallery with 50 images, 13 categories, 40 subcategories. Installed fresh as JG 2 beta months ago. DId regular gallery upgrades. Did maintenance check several days ago, and a "recreate images" to resize thumbs. Everything fine. Today I turned off the subcategory view in the Category page and previewed to see all images are gone! The gallery and category structure are there, but no images! No image content in the "/images/joomgallery" folder, but the image folders are there. No other user shows up in the logs. I am the only SuperAdmin.

Cheez. What happened?!? :o


Title: Re: All images disappeared!
Post by: BillsBayou on 29-02-2012 23:54:01
Go through your ISP file manager and see if the images are still in the JoomGallery folder.

Title: Re: All images disappeared!
Post by: allfive on 01-03-2012 02:50:19
HI, Bills. No images exist in /images/joomgallery. Only the folder structure representing the categories and subcategories. Nothing in Detail/Thumbs/Originals.

I did, just now, go to my ISP's backup from yesterday and did a "Merge and overwrite" of the /images/joomgallery folder. That restored the details/thumb/originals in their respective folders, but they all cam up as orphans with no suggestions in the Maintenance Manger. I don't know how to connect them to their proper place in the JoomGallery admin interface. They are all orphans and cannot display in the gallery.

This scares me.

Title: Re: All images disappeared!
Post by: BillsBayou on 01-03-2012 05:23:46
Then you have all the images?  That's a good start.  Did the images disappear leaving the category and sub-cats defined, but empty?  If so, that's also good.  Otherwise, you'll need to redefine the cats and sub-cats.

I'm a newbie to JoomGallery.  This next thing may not be recommended by those in the know.  But this is what I'd do if this happened to me:
1 Go to my ISP file manager and move the photos to the FTP upload directory as defined on the JoomGallery configuration page.
2 Empty the Detail/Thumbs/Originals directories.  It's okay because the FTP directory has the photos.
3 Go to the FTP Upload panel in JoomGallery.
4 Select the appropriate photos for each category you want to fill.
5 Make sure to uncheck the "delete after upload" box so the photos stay put.
6 Upload the photos to JoomGallery

Right after this, I'd do whatever it is you think killed the gallery in the first place; turning off the subcategory views.  Essentially, you're trying to duplicate the error.  If you can, then you know what not to do.  Then go back and reload the photos from the FTP directory.  So long as you don't let JoomGallery delete the photos after loading them, you can test a variety of suspicious things to see what may or may not be deleting your photos.

But that's just me. Other people might recommend restoring your MySQL database tables to the same point in time where you got your photos back.  I don't know how to do that.  I won't tell you to go monkeying with your Joomla! database.  I wouldn't feel comfortable doing it.

Title: Re: All images disappeared!
Post by: allfive on 01-03-2012 19:40:05
Thanks for the dialog, BillsBayou. Having a dialog about problems gets one over the initial shock of bewilderment in these situations and gets you down to describing the problem logically. Usually a solution comes to my mind after I carefully describe the problem to another. :-)

After restoring the images from the ISP's backup, I restored the specific JoomGallery tables from the server's MSQL backup. This was easy from my ISP's control panel. Next I did a JG maintenance check, then Optimize Tables command from the JG admin area. That restored everything to perfect working order.

Now I'll make one change at a time and see if I can trigger the fatal event. When/if I find it, I will post. Hopefully the bug will be found and killed!


Title: Re: All images disappeared!
Post by: allfive on 02-03-2012 04:55:11
I was unable to recreate the problem despite going thru many settings I would normally be concerned with. I did lose two thumbnails in Category view (they were collapsed to whitespace about 4px high and the width of the original thumb) during a change that seemed unrelated. It only happened in two categories to two images and wasn't noticed right away. Once I moved the images from the main category to a subcategory, the thumbs returned to normal. Descriptions and title always remained functional.

Test gallery:

Title: Re: All images disappeared!
Post by: tofazzel05 on 29-08-2015 19:12:30
 How to learn clipping path perfectly?