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Title: Well done guys on 1.0.0 stable - woot!
Post by: gwmbox on 28-12-2008 03:11:27
Hi guys, first well done on the release of a stable 1.0.0 - excellent job.

I also noted your note re lack of donations and the expenses of running a project like this.  First let me say I and many others appreciate your work and making this open source.  Donations are few usually because many that use your solution are running in a similar situation, i.e. no or very little income.  I am sure that where there was a good income coming in from your work then there would (hopefully) be donations to reflect that.  However there are too many that will simply never return and never donate...

May I suggest a few options (which I am sure you have considered already)

1.  Annual subscription to documentation like that is done with Community Builder, and make it clear on the users profile they are a contributor, again the same as Community Builder. (preferred)

2.  Instead of donations what about Sponsorship, (sobi2) does this well and it is kind of nice to see a sponsor tag on your profile for others to see. (preferred 2nd choice)

3.  Paid annual subscription to priority support

4.  Commercial add-ons that extend the already great JoomGallery


Title: Re: Well done guys on 1.0.0 stable - woot!
Post by: giuse on 28-12-2008 11:00:43
I also support JoomGallery and just made a small donation too.
I tried also to comment on the frontpage article but it seems as it does not work..? I am using Firefox 3.0.5 (maybe you can check just not to miss congratulations ;) ).


Title: Re: Well done guys on 1.0.0 stable - woot!
Post by: aHa on 28-12-2008 13:52:47
Hi Giuse,
commenting does work, i published the last one.
Thank you very much