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Title: Gallery2 to JoomGallery 2 ACL - Migration Script
Post by: GJSchaller on 19-11-2012 21:28:20
Mr. Hines, who has posted elsewhere on these boards, was kind enough to write the attached migration script for me.  It will pull images from a Gallery2 install into JoomGallery 2 (2.1.1, in my case), along with some information associated with each image (Title, Caption, and Description).

Please note - this script is provided AS-IS, and I cannot support it.  The author did this as a favor to me, and will not support it either.  I am providing it here, so that others can modify it, improve upon it, and work from there.

Known limitations / notes:

1.) Owner / User Permissions are not checked.
2.) Ordering of both categories and images within a category are not preserved.
3.) Category Highlights are not preserved.
4.) G2 has an extra field - Caption - that is merged into the Description field within a set of H3 tags during the migration.
5.) Path to original files needs to be absolute (i.e. - /home/accountname/public_html/path-to-images) - this may have been something for my server, however.
6.) The migration process does NOT rename the files upon migration - this needs to be enabled to both help with spaces, and with file extension case (".JPG" vs. ".jpg")
7.) The migration process copies, not moves, the images.  This way, your original gallery is still intact for comparison / backup.
8.) The migration process creates two tables in the G2 DB prior to kicking off the migration, to track progress.  These should be cleared if any changes are made to G2, such as cleaning up folder names, etc.

I realized after the script was done that a clever way to configure it would have been to point the script at the path for G2, and have the script pull all of its information from the G2 config file.  If someone else is working on this, that would be a great new feature. :-)

Enjoy, and good luck migrating!

Title: Re: Gallery2 to JoomGallery 2 ACL - Migration Script
Post by: Chraneco on 04-10-2015 05:27:36

thank you very much for contributing this back to the community!

We will see how we can improve it and make it accessible through our downloads area.

Thanks again!