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Title: Knight Realms - LARP Photo Gallery on J 2.5 / JG 2.1
Post by: GJSchaller on 04-12-2012 17:58:10

This is a photo gallery for a Live Action Role-Playing Game based in the USA (New Jersey), with over 7,000 photos.  The gallery is arranged by months, with each month having a category of about 40 photos, plus additional categories for other topics such as awards, fan art for the game, maps of the game setting, etc.

The gallery was migrated away from a Gallery2 / JFusion install, to JoomGallery 2.1.1, in November of 2012.  The current platform is Joomla 2.5.8 with JoomGallery 2.1.1, and also Kunena 2.0.3, and Community Builder 1.9.

The Name Tagging and CB Profile options are enabled, and a user's favorite images and images they are tagged in are visible on their profile.  (Users may only tag themselves, so that some of our more... corporate players don't get tagged on the internet wearing elf ears.  ::) )