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Title: Wierd Problems With New Installation
Post by: CreativeDesigns on 02-05-2013 13:55:04
Hi guys,

I am really struggling here. This is the first time I am using JoomGallery in Joomla 3.0.
I have had nothing but problem after problem after problem, and I need help fixing this. JoomGallery is THE ONLY gallery component I will ever use! Everything else out there is nonesense, so I hope someone can help me.

Take a look at the site I am working on:

I have configured the backend to have 3 columns, and display 15 images - and as you can see from the url provided above, it is not playing along. No matter how many images I try and upload, it always shows them squashed against the left hand side.

My images are just NOT uploading..

- I have tried using Image Upload - the page tries and tries and tries to upload, but eventually, the page turns to an error page (displayed in the URL), however, no error appears on the page - just shows a blank page (the error in the title bar says Error: 500 Parent asset ID could not be found) - What does this mean? Hopefully it's a clue on how to fix it??

- Drag n Drop upload has been attempted, where I have selected a number of images and dropped them to upload - it starts uploading the first image - gets to about 95% and then fails. The remainder of the images fail too.

- Drag n Drop, I have tried uploading one image at a time - same result as above

- I have tried a batch upload where all the images are zipped - it fails with the following error:
No file has been uploaded!

Previously in the image manager, images had partly uploaded and failed, but were displaying here. The system does not allow me to delete or even unpublished the images. I have had to remove the thumbnails and images from the server itself.

Please can someone shed some light on this.. :(

Title: Re: Wierd Problems With New Installation
Post by: Chraneco on 02-05-2013 14:00:31

there seems to be a permissions problem on your site.
If you try to open the CSS files of JoomGallery directly you will get a 403 error.
That's the reason for the destructed layout.

Additionally it seems that the installation didn't went fine.
Please uninstall the gallery, remove anything that is left behind and install it again afterwards.


Title: Re: Wierd Problems With New Installation
Post by: CreativeDesigns on 02-05-2013 14:27:44
It looks like it is working now!
Thank you so so much! Really appreciate the help!