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Title: Error on categories after migrate Joomla 1.0 from 1.5
Post by: santo1227 on 24-05-2013 16:58:25

Hi I have migrated JoomGallery 1.0 to 1.5 but there is an error in the categories:

 0 - An error has occurred.

TableJoomgalleryCategories::store failed - Unknown column 'alias' in 'field list' SQL=UPDATE `jos_joomgallery_catg` SET `owner`='0',`name`='Proximos Eventos',`alias`='proximos-eventos',`parent`='0',`description`='',`ordering`='0',`access`='0',`published`='1',`hidden`='0',`in_hidden`='0',`catimage`='',`img_position`='0',`catpath`='proximos_eventos_2',`metakey`='',`metadesc`='' WHERE cid='2'

My joomla version 1.5.26

Thanks in advance