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Title: Photographic Based site with private user accounts??
Post by: CotswoldD on 28-11-2013 21:56:24
Hi Guys

New to Joom Galley

I have a client who offers photographic services like photo scanning into digital or digitally enhancing an old worn photograph of a loved one.

Building a Joomla website to sell and market these services is no problem.

But he wants clients/users to have there own area, so they could upload images to a secure user area, where he could view images or to download them.

Anyone got any ideas how to do this and could Joom Gallery help in this?I need a component that is scalable, as he has ideas or wants for future phases of development which would be custom add ons in the future.

Ideas he is thinking off..
1. Clients are able to create their own collection lists in order to upload images and also able to select a product plus images to go into it (e.g. a client can choose 50 or 100 images and tag which they want in either an album design or wall product.  

Would welcome feedback or ideas or advice in how I may be able to achieve this, really got me scratching head over this one!

Cheers Pete

Title: Re: Photographic Based site with private user accounts??
Post by: MrMusic on 31-01-2014 15:21:38

it is possible that each Joomla user upload/see/change only own images. Helpful for this is the plugin 'Auto Creation of JoomGallery Categories'.
Here is an article ( about it (in German).