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Title: Video of process?
Post by: Nilsy on 21-03-2014 11:29:22
Hi guys...
I have been putting off this upgrade process for some time now. But, at long last I have decided it is time to bite the bullet and give this a try.

I am reading the diverse problems some people are having, and the process seems kind of scary. Especially as the majority of users are far from programmers, and are not totally comfortable with PHPmyAdmin etc.
Is it possible to make a video of the process?

This way it will be easy to follow.
Just a suggestion.

Title: Re: Video of process?
Post by: Nilsy on 21-03-2014 18:36:06
I have seen some other threads where people are saying they wait a long time for this migration process to complete.
Any migration is kind of scary, because there are requirements, and scripts etc, and obviously something that I've forgotten...

Anyway, I started this migration, and followed the instructions as best as I could.
I have around 50,000 images on my server, and this all takes around 15 GB.
When it started, I guess I was expecting to wait until sometime tomorrow for it to end.
It took under 1 hour, and, it worked!!!  :o

Categories etc are all in place!
The only thing that wasn't there, were actually image files that I know have been corrupted from previously.
But, thanks to the migration fault log, now I can easily find these, and replace them.

I am extremely happy!
I migrated from Joomla 1.5 to 2.5.

Title: Re: Video of process?
Post by: MrMusic on 24-03-2014 14:26:42

this is very nice. Unfortunately, the developers rarely get such a feedback.
Normally there should be no problems if the documentation is read and the conditions are complied with.
Most problems occur if the instructions are not adhered to. A video it will not change much   :(

Title: Re: Video of process?
Post by: Nilsy on 09-04-2014 19:19:26
The vast majority of users are not programmers/developers, they are often designers etc, that have found out that this is possible.

Well, thanks to my education, I am kind of relaxed with reading technical stuff... but even still, I kind of like to see it being done first. Perhaps just to make me feel comfortable that I have actually understood things correctly.
A video can also be viewed and paused at the same time as someone is actually doing the upgrade.
Well, just a suggestion.  ;-)

One main reason could be, I see that quite a lot of people are getting seriously confused about the SQL stuff, especially the table prefixes.