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Title: Bulk New Categories Set-up
Post by: Seasamin on 10-06-2014 10:47:29
I have a nature species (plants and animals) list with about 1500 specie names. I want to create a Gallery with a category for each name. These will be placed in parent categories for species type (e.g. bird, tree) that I would previously create. I have not found any tools for creating a bulk amount of categories . I thought to use the MySQL JoomGallery category table but there are tricky fields to set values for that are set by JoomGallery code on its own category creation process such as "lft", "rgt", "alias" and "catpath". I think this means it would have to be done by a code script to do the same thing based on a csv file of user supplied category field values which I can generate.

So my question is - Has this been done before or could it be an extension (e.g.migration type) feature request?