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Title: Joombu pagination not working
Post by: arj on 30-01-2015 22:25:31
Hello, I have one strange issue with Joomplu / Joombu. When I attempt to add an image into an article, I am not able to browse the images. I attached a screenshot - basically - I get the pagination, but its not doing anything. Irrespective of what page I select, I am still getting the same images displayed. Also, for whatever reason the images in the popup are sorted strictly by image title and not as per category setting, which is set to display most recent images first.

You will also notice that the plugin states - They were 2 images found - however the pagination as well as the number of thumbnails clearly shows that more images were found.

Is this a know issue and if yes, has anyone found a fix for that? Would save me some time debugging but if noone experienced this before, I will dig it myself

Title: Re: Joombu pagination not working
Post by: MrMusic on 05-02-2015 13:43:09

which Version of Joomla and JoomGallery do you use?
In JoomGallery 3.2.0 there is no problem with me.