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Title: No updates since July 9, 2014?????
Post by: dan40 on 09-04-2015 02:42:41
Well, it's been almost a year now and there have been no updates since July 9, 2014.  Granted, Joomgallery is GREAT software which means it still has a great potential to become the premier gallery software for Joomla!

With the hundreds of feature requests there have been since the last release, we have not heard any news about any new releases.  Frankly, and I think I speak for others out there as well who might be afraid to say something, it's about time the authors told us what's going on, or posted something about their plans for upcoming releases?  Is the software even being updated?  I don't think many of us plan to stay with Joomgallery if it is no longer being maintained or updated.  Please tell us what's going on!

Is anyone in agreement here with me?

Title: Re: No updates since July 9, 2014?????
Post by: jotrib on 19-07-2015 13:31:37

Yes I do agree with you.
But it seems that Joom::Gallery is moving to Gothub ??

Title: Re: No updates since July 9, 2014?????
Post by: doopz on 29-03-2016 21:09:12
That's the impression I was under was there were no more updates unless  "coders" wanted to submit any of their updates to Github.
Again, that is the impression I was under. I have been using Joomgallery for years and frankly I have to move on to something else if the component is no longer being updated.