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Title: SEO - Better Integration with JoomSEF or sh404SEF?
Post by: jmarvin on 30-11-2018 19:15:34
JoomSEF even has a special extension (paid) for JoomGallery but it is still terrible for seo. NONE of the gallery images can be indexed for search as images.


I had some success with "Image SEF URLs" but I would like to use the other benefits of a sef extension.

Has anyone discovered a way to use both?

Can something be done to the JoomSEF JoomGallery extension to make it work? A hack perhaps?

Can anything be done to JoomGallery to make them work?

I love JoomGallery and have used it for years on different projects but it sure would be nice if it supported some modern features, or worked just a little better on some things. Thanks everyone!