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31-05-2020 06:46:06
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1  Archive / Migration / Re: Menalto G2 (Gallery 2) to JoomGallery on: 04-07-2009 00:23:23
Hi Nik,

Sorry for responding so late: I missed your post Smile

The delay should be calculated from values somewhere deep in JoomGallery - nothing I manipulate. I think the script requests the timeout values and then takes a part of the max run time to prevent exceeding it. The error 500 you get after 60 seconds is probably a resize taking waaaaay too long.

The fact that you get it after 60 seconds means that the script actually runs that long. You could try increasing it in your php.ini but it most likely won't make a difference. The migration logs when it bails out to refresh, the fact that you don't get to see this means something went wrong and the timeout expired too soon.

Make sure the files you are trying to import are not too big.

On a side note: the page that shows you the 500 code should be refreshable: if the session is still alive, the import script should resume where it left off. Perhaps that will either fix it or give you a clue what is going on.

On a side note, make sure you have enough memory: I had issues importing but after allocating 128 or even 256 megs or ram to PHP the migration went fine. I noticed that the imaging libraries tend to choke up on processing time and memory when importing collections. If PHP had a way to trap those errors, the whole importing thing would become a lot easier :)

If you need more help, don't hesitate to post here or drop me a line using PM.
2  Archive / Uploads / Re: After update to 1.5.0 stable java upload does not work in Internet Explorer on: 01-06-2009 23:54:26
Did you try running it with the modified version on my site? If so, what did the debug.log file say?
3  Archive / Migration / Re: Menalto G2 (Gallery 2) to JoomGallery on: 01-06-2009 17:58:15
Update: after mailing with miss_kagura we tried to get the migration to run but after fixing some small glitches in the migration script, she figured out that the G2 database was messed up and full of unused records making migration impossible and unwanted. On the bright side: a few bugs have been worked out making version 0.9.3 available to the world! See the top posting.
4  Archive / Uploads / Re: After update to 1.5.0 stable java upload does not work in Internet Explorer on: 01-06-2009 15:34:54
Thanks for figuring this out, I hope this solves my problems too.

where did you add php_value memory_limit 64M ?

I've put up a detailed guide on my site. The modified classes to log during upload in order to debug trouble are there as well. Page 3 holds the instructions on where to add the memory fix.
5  Archive / Uploads / Re: After update to 1.5.0 stable java upload does not work in Internet Explorer on: 01-06-2009 00:58:02
Of course, I couldn't resist trying to debug the problems so I've created a logging class to monitor the upload if the debug mode is enabled. This way I can see up to which point the upload makes it and what throws an error.

After looking at the Java upload function, it becomes obvious that the 'wjhk.jupload2.policies.PicturesUploadPolicy.checkUploadSuccess(): The string "JOOMGALLERYUPLOADSUCCESS" was not found in the response body' can not happen unless the script throws an error or simply gets aborted. Because the debug logs show no exceptions being thrown (JUpload debug logs), I concluded that the script should be terminated before it was done.

Finally I see the last line in the log file 'Resizing image' and then the log gets closed. The next line has a call to 'Joom_ResizeImage' and tries to resize the image. According to the Check_Memory function I should have 3MB spare (from the 16MB that is assigned by default) but it seems that it is not the case.

After adding 'php_value memory_limit 64M' I finally get a normal upload which does not errors out on me. Also, during testing I noticed how some test photos were fine (and were very small) while my real photos all threw errors.

If someone is interested in my logging version of the upload modes, let me know and I will post the modified files.

On a side note, the normal upload, batch upload and ftp upload work fine too after increasing the memory limit.
6  Archive / Uploads / Re: After update to 1.5.0 stable java upload does not work in Internet Explorer on: 31-05-2009 16:46:15
Actually, I am running into a lot of trouble uploading photos: the batch upload fails because the session expired during the upload. The Java upload gives the error above and the FTP upload method redirects into a white page (even with debugging turned on, all files belonging to apache and chmodded 777)... What is going on?
7  Archive / Uploads / Re: After update to 1.5.0 stable java upload does not work in Internet Explorer on: 31-05-2009 12:57:10
Using Firefox 3.0.10 I also got the category errors during the Java upload - but only after a few pictures or so. After upgrading to the JUpload version linked above, that error is gone.

Now I am stuck on the 'wjhk.jupload2.policies.PicturesUploadPolicy.checkUploadSuccess(): The string "JOOMGALLERYUPLOADSUCCESS" was not found in the response body' error...
8  Archive / Migration / Re: Menalto G2 (Gallery 2) to JoomGallery on: 18-05-2009 00:45:40
Gallery2 to JoomGallery 1.5 migration script can be found here.

Please note that this is a works-for-me-beta script, but if you follow the download instructions - everything should be fine.

Conversion on my own website: Gallery 2 had over 1.600 photos in high resolution, totalling over 2GB of storage and 100 or so comments - migration took 36 minutes on a Core2Duo 6750 server with no other load.

Any problems or comments? Please leave them here :)
9  Archive / Migration / Re: Menalto G2 (Gallery 2) to JoomGallery on: 18-05-2009 00:09:49
128K? I'm such a noob. 128MB.

Lol, I was wondering if that was even possible with Joomla ;)

Anyways, I made a new thread for the bug in the migration routines I found. When using my migration script, be sure to patch according to instructions or you will see errors like 'Source file not found' while running the migration. Instructions and thread here
10  Archive / Miscellaneous / Bug report: Joom_Migrate_MoveAndResizeImage wrong number of params on: 18-05-2009 00:07:34
In 'adminclasses/admin.migration.class.php' on line 728 and 757 calls to 'Joom_ResizeImage' are made using 8 parameters, however, the function definition in 'common.joomgallery.php' has 9. The first is called $debug_ouput and seems to be new because all params for 'Joom_ResizeImage' are one position off.

I am running version 1.5.0.

Proposed solution:
File: adminclasses/admin.migration.class.php
Line: 728
Replace:    $result['detail'] = Joom_ResizeImage($neworigimage,
With:       $d_buffer = '';
            $result['detail'] = Joom_ResizeImage($d_buffer,

Line: 757
Replace:    $result['detail'] = Joom_ResizeImage($neworigimage,
With:       $d_buffer = '';
            $result['thumb'] = Joom_ResizeImage($d_buffer,

Now the migration function works as espected.
11  Miscellaneous / / Captca problems on: 17-05-2009 16:43:42
When posting you sometimes need a CAPTCA image to proceed - I get a lot of blanks instead of an image making it impossible to fill in the CAPTCHA. Is the server having some problems perhaps?
12  Archive / Migration / Re: Menalto G2 (Gallery 2) to JoomGallery on: 17-05-2009 12:03:03
I think I found a bug in JoomGallery:
In admin.migration.class.php in Joom_Migrate_MoveAndResizeImage the call to Joom_ResizeImage is using 8 parameters while the actual function in common.joomgallery.php expects 9 parameters.

It looks like the debug buffer is new and not yet added to the migration class. I am running the latest version for Joomla 1.5.

Edit: I've added a debug_buffer parameter as last param to Joom_Migrate_MoveAndResizeImage which is then passed by reference to Joom_ResizeImage as the first parameter and the problem is fixed.

On a side note - I ran into a problem where the script seemed to stall for no reason and return a blank page. After digging a bit I found out that the standard 12MB of memory assigned to PHP on my server is not enough to handle the full-size photos from my camera. I've inserted a command to increase the maximum amount of memory which solved the problem for me. I am just wondering if that modification to the PHP settings won't cause weird errors for people who can't modify their memory settings like that (for example because the hosting provider disabled it).

Current status: import is running and I am tweaking the visual feedback a little to make sure errors wind up on the screen or in the migration log (instead of leaving the user clueless why the import halted).
13  Archive / Migration / Re: Menalto G2 (Gallery 2) to JoomGallery on: 16-05-2009 14:07:08
... Users are used directly from the Joomla database. If there is a Gallery2 that is already synced to the Joomla database and the user IDs are the same it should be no problem by just setting the owner ID in the DB.
In theory yes, but in my case, I had to add a few users between Joomla installation in G2 and now the list of users in Joomla is available in G2 but some users in G2 are not in Joomla - making a mapping impossible.

I thought about mapping using ID's and checking the Joomla users but if somebody would try to import a G2 gallery that hasn't been bridged, this would assign the photos to the wrong people. My solution: let the user fix it after the import ^^

ACLs, tags, movies are not used in JoomGallery anyways ;)

Good to hear, not that I was using the features but it would be a shame to ditch useful information which could have been ported with ease.

Exif tags are read on-the-fly directly from the image files, so that should not be a problem at all.

That is exactly what I figured. Also, because G2 and JG might use different methods to extract that information, porting it straight in to the database might not be a great idea.
14  Archive / Migration / Menalto G2 (Gallery 2) to JoomGallery on: 16-05-2009 04:31:48
I am currently throwing together an import script for my G2 installation which holds 70 categories and over 2000 photos to migrate to JoomGallery.

The current version extracts album and photo information (and paths) and creates the album structure, then it copies the photos and saves the view counters as well. After the photos, the comments are migrated and linked to the photos.

If someone is interested in my migration script once it stops eating my shoes, let me know Smile Update: script is released, see the link below.

On a side note, these are the only things I plan on including in the migration script: users, access control lists, custom tags, exif tags, movies and other information is irrelevant for my use and most of the other data is not used in JoomGallery.
Update: latest Gallery2 to JoomGallery 1.5 migration script can be found here. Please read the instructions before use!

  - Fix problems with comment import (id mismatch)

  - Fix to fetch the G2 data on each page refresh, fixes problems with servers which have small session stores (for Amy)

  - Fixed some typos in the debugging output (thanks to Amy)
  - Switched to assoc data storage to safe memory in the G2 extraction

  - Added some GUI output
  - Cleanup of source for release
  - Added helpful messages while running
  - Fixed refreshing code
  - Added comment importing

  - Finished import of albums and photos
  - Added refreshing code for imports
  - Note: removed from the site because the refreshing code created an infinite loop

up to 0.7.0:
  - Internal versions to test all features
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