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04-06-2020 09:53:12
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1  JoomGallery 2.x ACL / Frontend / Re: Page URL with comment in email on: 27-01-2013 03:21:14
I would like the same thing.

I tried to find in it in the feature request  but could not.  So I have added one.  Search for link to photo in comment email

2  Archive / Miscellaneous / Show a detailed image on: 29-10-2012 18:15:47
On the edit template I want to show a detailed size image instead of the thumbnail. 
What code do I use to accomplish this.

I added the code from the detail default for the bbcode to try and just make a link but that did not work.  So I guess I am missing a call to a function for these to work

Thank you for the help
3  JoomGallery 2.x ACL / Frontend / gallery view/ detail view how to question on: 03-10-2012 19:41:25
I want to make a menu item that has all the images from a certain category/gallery. 
I can get that as thumbnails with pagination which is good and the first step. 
I can also get it using the module

I can also get the module to show a slide show of the same.

What I want is the slide show and the thumbnails and the slide show to be affected by clicking on the thumbnails

Then if you click on the large image it would take you to detail view.

I could use the detail view with the slider but I don't want all the detail information showing

Here is an example of how it would work but don't want to use flash

4  JoomGallery 2.x ACL / Backend / Administration / creating a plugin to use uddeIM as the PMS on: 30-08-2012 17:39:02
I have a board and would like to use UddeIM as the PMS sender for all notification like tags and comments
I tried just what comes with JoomGallery and this sends an email for the user to login to the admin area and that I cannot do.  They would become really confused. (this is a retired group from 50 and up.

I have read the boards  I know I have to create a plugin to do this
It was
it is necessary to create a plugin which uses the Event -onJoomBeforeSendMessage- '' for that.
A plugin using this event is able to redirect messages from com_messages to uddeIM.

So I started a  plugin and then I thought maybe someone may have already done this and might share.

Or here are my questions
I set up the xml to only have the publish question
and have set up the language files
and I have directed all of these
then I have joomudde.php file

????  is this the standard way to write a plugin  ie  (class  that calls function   and the function gets the interface    and then has the php for what you want done)???
Any way I am stuck from my own Logic and looking at examples this is what I have come up with

1.  I write a class that defines the variables
class plgUserJoomUddeIM extends JPlugin
  * before sending messages get data then send w/uddle
  * @param   array   $message     message data
  * @return  void
  * @since   1.5


1.    Then I have a function to load  onJoomBeforeSendMessage
 protected function _useUddle($message)
  // Get the interface
   require_once JPATH_ROOT.DS.'components'.DS.'com_joomgallery'.DS.'interface.php';
   $jinterface = new JoomInterface();

3.     then I need to redirect it to uddeIM

   And I am at a complete loss here and not sure the other part is correct. 

Can someone help or direct me to places where I can get this information.

I am using
Joomla 2.5.6
Joomgallery 2.0.0
CB 1.8.1
UddeIM 2.8

I believe these to all be the latest and greatest.

Thanks in advance


5  Archive / Miscellaneous / link to detail page blank when not logged in on: 18-02-2011 15:04:01
Members send each other links to photos so when a member is not logged in the detail page is just blank.
but I would like it to say please log in or something.

Is there a way to do this?
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