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20-08-2018 01:52:14
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1  JoomGallery 3.x JUX / Frontend / Re: Background color on: 18-10-2017 04:16:01
Figured it out. :D
2  JoomGallery 3.x JUX / Frontend / Background color on: 15-10-2017 08:49:43
Attempted to change the background color

gallery li{
  background-image:none !important;


.gallery li{
  background-color:#444444 !important;

And the result was rather funny. lol
How can I match the gallery background with the website?
Any help is appreciated.
3  JoomGallery 3.x JUX / Frontend / Re: Favourites Error on: 16-11-2016 07:52:25
I think this one can be marked as solved.

A member of our site discovered something rather interesting.

She would add images to her favourites, then would go to her favourites page using the menu item link (JoomGallery » Favourites: Default Layout). When attempting to remove single images, an error would appear stating image 'not marked to favourites'.

She then tried clicking the Favourites link from the gallery itself - and removing images works without a problem.
Thought I'd share. :)

4  JoomGallery 3.x JUX / Frontend / Re: Alignment & Space on: 16-11-2016 07:30:32
Thank you so much!!!
5  JoomGallery 3.x JUX / Frontend / Re: Display pictures in slimbox/Lightbox on: 12-11-2016 21:52:15
If I'm understanding correctly, you can set how many images are shown per page per category in the backend of Joomgallery.
6  JoomGallery 3.x JUX / Frontend / Re: Alignment & Space on: 11-11-2016 22:11:56
After configuring the css files, the outcome turned out perfectly.
Thank you so much for looking into this for me!! I tried the favourites and it seemed to work for me a time or two - but that's normal. Eventually it will stop working (will not allow removing single images). Another account has never had it function properly at all. Seems to be hit and miss with this template. Luckily the only issue is the single image removal. All else seems okay.

One last question - it seems the images spaced better when centered within the columns, but we would like the titles to still be aligned left underneath the image. Is this possible and if so could you direct me where to change the coding to allow this?
7  JoomGallery 3.x JUX / Frontend / Re: Alignment & Space on: 09-11-2016 19:10:08
This has been a mystery for several weeks. We've been testing and changing settings, thumbnail sizes, and searching the forum for any answers - and nothing has really fixed this. The gallery itself doesn't even seem to be centered (much more white space on the right than the left despite the size of the thumbnails). But my understanding is our template gives us a space of 960px for content. We divided this number with amount of columns (including space between thumbnails) and what we believe should "fit" according to the calculation - does not.
Thus far, the only issues we have that we hope to fix; is using having the gallery centered with less open space on the right, text flush to the left and getting the favourites feature functional.

You can check out things out
user: guest
pass: guest
8  JoomGallery 3.x JUX / Frontend / Re: Alignment & Space on: 09-11-2016 06:48:00
9  JoomGallery 3.x JUX / Frontend / Alignment & Space on: 04-11-2016 06:39:19
Hopefully someone has some kinda of clarification.
I'm curious if anyone would have any idea or fix to aligning the text to the left. All settings are set to "flush left", and they used to begin right below the edge of the image. Of course, now, they do not. I'm unsure as to why and how I can get it back. (view screenshot).

What I'd also like to understand is the layout;
Image #27 gets overlapped by image #28. Same as image #31 is overlapped by #32 - I know the dimensions of both image differ.
Yet..#36 is shown in it entirety. I'm wondering why images (in the middle of the row) aren't shown fully and why they aren't just shifted since there seems to be open empty space on the fart right of the gallery.
I'd like to use as much space as I can if it is in fact available so none is wasted.

Any light and help on this would be greatly appreciated!!

10  JoomGallery 3.x JUX / Frontend / Re: Favourites Error on: 02-11-2016 21:31:49
PM sent.
11  JoomGallery 3.x JUX / Frontend / Re: Favourites Error on: 17-10-2016 19:37:36
Ok, so I tested it with the protostar template as you recommended (totally destroys the way my site looks lol) but... the favourites seem to work.
I mean, (with the template I'm using) removing an image from the favourites works once or twice but then it halts. So is it a safe assumption that the template I'm working with for my project won't work with such Joomgallery feature?
12  JoomGallery 3.x JUX / Frontend / Re: Favourites Error on: 30-09-2016 09:35:11
No one has any suggestions?
13  JoomGallery 3.x JUX / Frontend / Re: Favourites Error on: 11-08-2016 03:31:20
Sorry for the delay.
I believe I'm all up to date with Joomla and JoomGallery.
I am using a template but it worked fine when I was working on my site locally. I reinstalled Joomgallery when I noticed this happening after putting it live online.
14  JoomGallery 3.x JUX / Frontend / Re: Delete DOWNLOAD text on: 08-05-2016 06:09:20
I may be wrong, but I was certain you have to turn the capabilities of downloading off.

Configuration > User access rights > Download tab - set it accordingly.
Hope that helps. :)
15  JoomGallery 3.x JUX / Frontend / Favourites Error on: 08-05-2016 06:06:27
I just recently discovered that when adding images to favorites, you can only clear the entire list. Attempting to remove a single image, an error appears stating: "This image isn't marked to your Checklist."
I am at a loss as to what is causing this and how to fix it.
Any suggestions is appreciated. Thank you!!
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