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01-06-2020 14:46:39
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31  Archive / Miscellaneous / Re: layout issues (buttons in the wrong place) on: 19-06-2011 11:02:38
Hi marcus,

please give us a link to your site and let us know which buttons you mean...
32  Archive / Uploads / Re: missing filename - only numbers on: 18-06-2011 11:56:39
Hi Donna,

could you please send one of those files to mab[at]joomgallery[dot]net. Please send me an original as you've used for uploading. Did you use the batch upload?

33  Archive / Frontend / Re: IPTC Does not display on: 07-06-2011 19:57:54
Hi Bill,

as I said in a former thread: if you're uploading images into JoomGallery the Image Processor (like GD2 or ImageMagick) will provide the detail image and the thumbnail. By providing those images the IPTC-Data will be lost (that has nothing to do with JoomGallery). Only the original image still hold the IPTC-Data. If you choose to delete the originals by uploading JoomGallery does not have any IPTC-Information.

PS: please delete the images in your posts.
34  Archive / Frontend / Re: IPTC Does not display on: 05-06-2011 21:25:30
Hi RoundAmerica,

I've answered you by mail: there isn't any IPTC-Data in this image.
35  Archive / Uploads / Re: missing filename - only numbers on: 03-06-2011 16:26:15
Hi Donna,

what was the exact original filename of the image when you uploaded it?
36  Archive / Miscellaneous / Re: How to show Lensinfo in Exif data? on: 20-02-2011 12:11:54
Hi zunix,

which Exif-Tag do you mean?
37  Archive / Uploads / Re: JGS_ALERT_WRONG_FILENAME - what does it mean? on: 04-02-2011 20:32:48
Hi losthillsguy,

sorry, this is a bug; we've changed the names of a lot of constants and unfortunately we forgot this one. With the next version this will be fixed.
38  Archive / Uploads / Re: Image Titles on: 24-10-2010 21:12:58
Hi Hinson,

set Configuration Manager >> General Settings >> Backend-Upload >> Original filename to "Yes"...
39  Archive / Frontend / Re: category creating automatically when user sign in on: 21-10-2010 22:18:50
Hi hoanghongho,

is the plugin JoomAutoCat installed and activated?
40  Archive / Installation / Update / Re: Upgrade from 1.0 to 1.5.5, now config mger doesn't work. on: 21-10-2010 22:03:15
Hi Laus,

please update your Joomla installation to the current version.
Then update JoomGallery again.
41  Archive / Frontend / Re: Error openning picture in the gallery on: 21-10-2010 15:21:51
Hi nature1,

this database query is not part of the code of JoomGallery. Maybe there's a module or something else which causes these errors. Could you please give us a link to your site?
42  Archive / Installation / Update / Re: Need Joomgallery 1.0.0 on: 29-09-2010 20:00:05
Hi vegeta,

if you have an installation of PonyGallery ML smaller than 2.5.1 please first update to this version. It's attached.
JoomGallery 1.0.1 is attached too.
Please follow the instructions given here:
43  Archive / Modules / Re: image module update broke alignment, site looks awful on: 20-09-2010 20:21:51
Hi shanmoon,

I can't see anything horrible...
What do you mean exactly?
44  Archive / Modules / Re: image module update broke alignment, site looks awful on: 19-09-2010 20:39:42
Hi shanmoon,

please give us a link to your site.
45  Archive / Solved Topics: Frontend / Re: Getting full sized images on the front page on: 14-09-2010 14:28:50
Hi lemonadegame,

did you do that before uploading?
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