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31-05-2020 05:40:32
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1  JoomGallery 2.x ACL / Backend / Administration / Default Category Icon and Alignment on: 23-01-2012 12:07:44
I have created a hidden category 'Icons' with 1 image 'folder icon.png'. I use this as the default category icon for all categores. Is it posible to set the default category thumbnail to this image and the default alignment to 'center'. My users are able to upload images and create categories from the front end, but I need the folder thumbnail and alignment to default to these settings otherwise I have to keep checking the backend and updating any new categoires they create.

I Am happy to edit any .php files and the MYSYSQ database tables if necessary.

Many thanks.
2  JoomGallery 2.x ACL - Extensions / Solved Topics: Plugins / Re: joombu does not return image selected from a category on: 17-01-2012 02:18:26
Think I've fixed it. Nothing to do with Joomgallery, wrongly configured JCE editor. All seems fine.
3  JoomGallery 2.x ACL - Extensions / Solved Topics: Plugins / Re: joombu does not return image selected from a category on: 17-01-2012 00:56:12
Hi. I've just upgraded to Beta 4 and the button seems to have stopped working again. It doesn't seem to make any difference whether I filter the categories or not. When I click on a thumbnail nothing is inserted. Any ideas.
4  JoomGallery 2.x ACL - Extensions / Modules / Re: IE Layout Issue on: 02-12-2011 11:04:39
Hi Again,

I've managed to fix my own problem. IE gets it's knickers in a twist when the container width is not a whole number. e.g. I have a module set to 225px. This means each column will be 112.5px. All other browsers arrange the columns as 112px and 113px whereas IE simply gives up and places the second column underneath the first.

I have fixed the problem by making the module width 226px. Hey presto all fixed.

Thanks again Microsoft for making the my day more interesting!
5  JoomGallery 2.x ACL - Extensions / Modules / IE Layout Issue on: 02-12-2011 09:55:40

First of all, thanks for a great module  Smile

I have a small issue when using Internet Explorer. I have set the module to display 4 images in 2 columns (2x2). They show up correctly in Firefox. However, in IE (7 & 9 have been tested) they show up as 1 column. Screen shots attached.

Is there a way to make the module display correctly (2x2) in IE?

Many thanks.
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