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11-07-2020 11:30:32
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1  Archive / Installation / Update / Re: Admin not showing images on: 05-12-2008 13:31:41

Been a long time but I've worked it out. the reason the images were blank is because they had spaces in the names and there were no quotes around the address meaning that "my picture.jpg" was called as "my" to fix this search for both

width="80" height="80"
width="24" height="24"

This will give you the location on the images, just put the img src's into quote and yer off:)

2  Archive / Installation / Update / Re: Admin not showing images on: 26-08-2008 21:29:44
yes, it's the same site, nothing is referenced to an absolute domain so it all should work but if it was paths it would be

irishphysiotherapists.com is the primary domain, iscp.ie is an alias, they both work the same.

3  Archive / Installation / Update / Re: Admin not showing images on: 25-08-2008 12:01:58
Hi Mab,

The link in the admin is:

and the link on the live site is:

4  Archive / Installation / Update / Watermark breaks the detail on: 22-08-2008 12:38:31

I'm using the latest version of Pony Gallery on 1.0.15, it's great apart form one small issue.

Turning on the watermark breaks the image on detail!

I know that everything is installed correctly however these is an issue with the path to the watermark, it is correct but still shows as [The file does not exist] even though it is clearly there. What could the issue be?

5  Archive / Installation / Update / Re: Admin not showing images on: 21-08-2008 18:24:44
Just to let you know that I've started using Pony Gallery instead and it works on this issue, would have loved to help you fix this issue but I guess your all pretty busy like myself.

Anyway, I've made a donation by way of thanks for the software, let me know if you need someone to test the Joomgallery version:)

6  Archive / Installation / Update / Re: Admin not showing images on: 18-08-2008 13:57:48
it's 1.0.15!
7  Archive / Installation / Update / Java Uploader crashes Firefox on: 31-07-2008 20:43:04
the Java Uploader crashes Firefox!

8  Archive / Installation / Update / Re: Admin not showing images on: 31-07-2008 20:28:38
It looks like I was wrong! Sad

It seems that I don't know why the images are not showing it the administrator, I've tried uploading images which have no odd chanrachters or spaces in their names and still they will not show, this is making it impossible to manage the images after uploading especially using generic descriptions etc.

Any help would be appriciated!

9  Archive / Backend / Administration / Re: Error saving CSS file! on: 30-07-2008 15:16:55
I'm no expert but I think that because Joomla changed the permissions you cannot change them, usually the only way around this is to ask you host provider to do it or use something like JoomlaXplorer.

10  Archive / Installation / Update / Admin not showing images on: 29-07-2008 19:23:05
Firstly, I love the new software!

I've installed it and it's working well with one exception, when I go into the Image Manager, I cannot see the thumb nor the main image! The reason is because the file names have spaces in them, obviously this issue is not a problem on the front end but in the back end I cannot see which image is which. Any ideas?

thanks again, Love the watermark feature, it's why I'm moving from RSGallery!
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