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04-04-2020 16:21:08
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16  Archive / Uploads / Can't upload foto from backend on: 25-02-2010 18:47:24
I have following error when upload files from backend:
Warning: getimagesize(/home/schel4ok/public_html/stendart.net/www/components/com_joomgallery/img_thumbnails/___1/glass_20100225_1713184393.jpg) [function.getimagesize]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/schel4ok/public_html/stendart.net/www/administrator/components/com_joomgallery/common.joomgallery.php on line 420
Position: 1

below my translation of error log from Russian as it was not in English initially
creating mini-thumb JPG, 2562 x 2587...
Either filename is not valid or it was not possible to copy files to original fotos directory.: /home/schel4ok/public_html/stendart.net/www/components/com_joomgallery/img_thumbnails/___1/glass_20100225_1713184393.jpg

Return: Original fotos have been successfully deleted.

I tried to set symbols replacement to yes or no and deleted both original symbols and replacement symbols. But result was always error.
I'm only able to upload fotos only when I change ImageMagick to GD2.
It is strange to me, because I asked path to ImageMagick from my hoster directly and I remember that when I had different CMS I also filled this path to appropriate settings field and everything was ok, so I can't believe that either path is wrong or that ImageMagick is not working properly.
I tried to put path to ImageMagick like that /usr/bin/convert/ or like that /usr/bin/convert like that usr/bin/convert/ and to leave this field empty, but result always same.

Please help me. I saw that there are a lot of similar not solved issues on the forum.
17  Archive / Mambots / Plugins / Re: joomplu parameters are not working on: 02-02-2010 14:37:10
it's on the localhost now.
when are you planning to publish new version of Joomplu?
18  Archive / Mambots / Plugins / joomplu parameters are not working on: 02-02-2010 14:18:57

I tried to put this in my article - {joomplu:12 left}
but nothing changed. No alignment applied.

please help!

19  Archive / Frontend / Re: Slimbox makes doble layer.. on: 07-01-2010 12:30:07
Hi I have same problem and found root cause of it...
I have Rokbox, Core Design Scriptegrator and YOOeffects plugins installed in my site.

This problem has started to appear only after YOOeffects installation. It is not necessary to disable whole YOOeffects plugin,
but to disable lightbox feature of this plugin will be enough.

Now I have only one layer of popup lightbox again.

Hope this also helps you.
20  Archive / Backend / Administration / Gallery Category Layout menulink on: 11-12-2009 20:14:02
how to make JoomGallery Category Layout links in Joomla mainmenu?
because JoomGalleryTree module is not suitable for me.
21  Archive / Modules / Re: JG TreeView module Styling on: 11-12-2009 07:41:23
I also have this trouble.
this is not because padding, but because "grid". Even when you turn grid off script insert instead empty.png image. So just delete it and your categories will be aligned with the "Gallery Name"

But I still can't find where is the last padding of "Gallery Name" to the left side. If you find please let me know.
22  Archive / Modules / Re: JOOMGALLERY TreeView module on: 10-12-2009 16:48:48
I also was unable to make direct menu of categories and I decided to make Joomla menu for categories as external links, but I can't make them active when pushed.

Do you know how to do it?
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