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03-06-2020 15:17:04
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1  JoomGallery 2.x ACL / Frontend / Multiple Issues: NOT WORKING JoomTree,Detailed View, Cooliris on: 08-12-2013 17:49:13
I am running Joomla 2.5.16, PHP Version    5.3.27 and Joomgallery 2.1.4 since couple of months.
It also shows other plugins are updated

1) but since couple of weeks JoomTree is not working: http://www.systemoflife.com/gallery#axzz2mtzSklxi

2) detailed view which shows the original image in slide show is not working, ex here: http://www.systemoflife.com/gallery/asma-ul-husna/99-names-al-aakhir-305#axzz2mtzSklxi

3) I had opted for cooliris too to showcase images but even that is not working and

Kindly help what is the issue
2  JoomGallery 2.x ACL - Extensions / Modules / JoomFacebook Comment on: 26-03-2013 11:48:58
I have recently installed Joomfacebook comment module on my joomla 2.5.9 website.
the comment box is displayed in some other english apart from english: http://www.systemoflife.com/gallery/dawah/envy-and-jelousy-29#axzz2OdqPiLts
I would like to get it displayed in english language only.
kindly help

thanks in advance
3  JoomGallery 2.x ACL / Frontend / How to change default zipped folder name ? on: 10-05-2012 09:45:53
I would like to change default name of zipped downloaded folder from joomgallery-date to my own custom name.

Is it possible?
if yes, kindly shows the steps

Thanks in advance
4  JoomGallery 2.x ACL - Extensions / Plugins / Xmap plugin doesn't show image links on: 09-05-2012 14:57:22
I am using Joomla 2.5.4 and latest version of both Joom gallery and joom xmap plugin.
The xmap plugin is working for joomgallery cateogries BUT it doesn't show links of the images.
how can get my xmap plugin show image links under its categories?
my website: systemoflife.com/sitemap

Kindly help
Thanks in advance
5  Archive / Interaction with other components / How to prevent image link names from changing after uploading? on: 08-05-2012 12:39:51
I would like maintain the same image name that i have already saved in my computer even after uploading on the website

Currently we need to give 'GENERIC TITLE' (which is used as alias & image title for images)
So if you want to bulk upload all your images in batch/ftp, one generic title will completely change default saved names of your images to that of generic title

ex: my website:
systemoflife.com/gallery/aqeedah/aqidah-4 instead of systemoflife.com/gallery/aqeedah/storiesofprophet
systemoflife.com/gallery/aqeedah/aqidah-5 instead of systemoflife.com/gallery/aqeedah/lovebetweenspouse
systemoflife.com/gallery/aqeedah/aqidah-6 instead of systemoflife.com/gallery/aqeedah/thatstheway

how can i solve this issue?
kindly help
Thanks in advance
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