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28-05-2020 20:03:57
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61  JoomGallery 3.x JUX / Frontend / Re: Change the number of columns in different galleries on: 12-06-2018 13:36:29

with a Template Override of the bootone_images.php file, it is possible to specify a different number of columns for different categories.
However, this is only possible if you enter the category-id there.
Example for the category ids 60 and 19:
if($this->category->cid == 60)
   $column = 4;    // 4 Columns in category-view

if($this->category->cid == 19)
   $column = 2;    // 2 Columns in category-view


You can change the size of the thumbnails by re-creating the thumbnails in Image Manager with different settings in the Configuration Manager....
62  JoomGallery 3.x JUX / Frontend / Re: MY MOD bootone: Shadow + mouse over effect + no borders. on: 12-06-2018 13:24:57

...I want to share with joomgallery community a little contribution...
thank you very much for your contribution!

...To apply, replace the attached file bootone.css on public_html/media/joomgallery/css/bootone.css...
I would recommend to enter your css changes in the JoomGallery css-manager.
Since the bootone.css is overwritten during an update, so your changes remain even with an update.
63  JoomGallery 3.x JUX / Solved Topics: Installation / Update / Re: Joomla has worked on: 08-05-2018 14:38:49

here is the english forum about JoomGallery. Please post only questions about JoomGallery.
64  JoomGallery 3.0 JUX - Extensions / Plugins / Re: optimization of gtmetrix plugin on: 02-05-2018 12:57:38

here is the english forum about JoomGallery. Your question is not JoomGallery related.
For Joomla! extensions see
65  JoomGallery 3.x JUX / Migration / Re: Charset encoding (?) issue when migrating from 4images on: 02-05-2018 12:53:56
...Excuse me how to encrypt the database? ...
can you explain what you want to achieve?
66  JoomGallery 3.x JUX / Backend / Administration / Re: Unable to upload photos on: 17-04-2018 14:48:48

probably due to different php configurations.
Normally it should not be necessary to enable ftp. Is cgi/fcgi php interface enabled on your server? If not, ask your hoster how to enable it.
67  JoomGallery 3.x JUX / Uploads / Re: Deleting originals and EXIF on: 13-04-2018 14:31:34

yes, you're right: If you delete the originals, all Exif and IPTC data are lost.
The original images are usually used to display in a Popup box. Otherwise, the JoomGallery works without any problems without the original images.
68  JoomGallery 3.0 JUX - Extensions / Addons / Re: Jomsocial and JoomGallery 3 on: 10-04-2018 14:14:16

more about this feature request youd find here.
at the moment there is not a plugin for integrate with JomSocial.
It has not found a developer who would write a plugin. Maybe it's not important enough.
69  JoomGallery 3.x JUX / Uploads / Re: AJAX upload on frontend not working on: 10-04-2018 14:07:16

in JoomGallery it is only possible to upload images (.jpg, .png, .gif), not .pdf-files.
For new problems i would recommend to to open a separate thread in the forum.
70  JoomGallery 3.x JUX / Backend / Administration / Re: Unable to publish categories on: 10-04-2018 14:01:52

are you logged in as a "Super User" or just as "Admin"?

..., but if I do an sql dump (data only) of my data from the live site and import into the test site the problem re-occurs...
Importing the data from another installation can cause major problems because the necessary asset entries in Joomla! are not present correctly and it leads to permissions problems.

I would recommend the following:
1. Log in as a Super User
2. Edit a top-level category in Category Manager and then press Save&Close.
Can this category be published / unpublished then?
Note: A category can only be published if all parent categories are also published.

71  JoomGallery 3.x JUX / Installation / Update / Re: about JoomGallery on: 01-04-2018 19:48:45

here is a quick start guide:
72  JoomGallery 3.0 JUX - Extensions / Modules / Re: Category filter on: 01-04-2018 19:47:16
Hmm, i think this category filter shown was made specifically in this template.
Normally the categories can be filtered directly in the module settings in backend.
73  JoomGallery 2.x ACL / Backend / Administration / Re: JoomGallery 2.x with SSL on: 29-03-2018 12:42:24
I think you should try it.
The browser will probably show a hint if something is read from http:...
74  JoomGallery 3.0 JUX - Extensions / Modules / Re: Category filter on: 29-03-2018 09:53:52

which module do you use exactly (JoomCategories/JoomImages/...)?
I think you use a modified JoomGallery at you site. Did you install the JoomGallery yourself or was it included in your template?
75  JoomGallery 2.x ACL / Backend / Administration / Re: JoomGallery 2.x with SSL on: 29-03-2018 09:48:48

Joomla! 2.x and JoomGallery 2.1.6 are outdated and there is no support anymore.
Even if JoomGallery 2.1.6 works with ssl, you should upgrade to the latest versions of Joomla! and JoomGallery.
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