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23-02-2020 12:29:25
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1  JoomGallery 3.x JUX / Backend / Administration / No registered feed parser for type on: 23-05-2018 14:41:30
We're getting the error message "No registered feed parser for type" whenever we try to access Joomgallery on the admin end of the site. It doesn't say what type (like html or rfd) and we have no feeds configured. I suspect it wants an update of either Joomla or Joomgallery but we can't update because the site has been heavily customized. Any advice?
2  JoomGallery 3.x JUX / Uploads / cannot restrict upload to subcategory only on: 10-04-2016 15:38:54
We'd like our registered users to only be able to upload to subcategories, but not the parent category.  I've tried to deny uploading in the parent category in the ACL, and allow uploading in the subcategory, but the ACL tells me this is in conflict and won't change the subcategory permission to Allow. 
3  JoomGallery 3.x JUX / Uploads / paid uploads on: 17-02-2016 19:02:46
We have a photography contest and are using JoomGallery.  Is there a way to require people to pay to upload photos?  Does JoomGallery have a plugin for any carts? For uploads, not downloads.
4  JoomGallery 3.x JUX / Uploads / Re: filter by owner in Image Manager on: 05-08-2014 21:26:40
Thanks so much.  Works perfectly.
5  JoomGallery 3.x JUX / Uploads / Re: filter by owner in Image Manager on: 04-08-2014 15:55:26
That's just the problem, our fifth box with "owner" has dissappeared.  Please see attached screen cap.  It was working a few days ago. We have over 1,100 photos and over 1,000 owners.  Have we reached some kind of limit? 
6  JoomGallery 3.x JUX / Uploads / filter by owner in Image Manager on: 03-08-2014 17:36:55
Is there an option in the backend Image Manager to filter by owner?  My clients have been using this option (in the same area as select status, select category,etc) but now it seems to be gone. 
7  JoomGallery 3.x JUX / Frontend / remove Back to Gallery Overview on one page only on: 01-05-2014 16:02:16
I need to remove "Back to Gallery Overview" on the page that displays upload errors.  If I disable 'show back link' in the Admin end, it will remove the back link on all pages.  What file loads the upload error page footer?
8  JoomGallery 3.x JUX / Frontend / what file changes header template? on: 09-04-2014 16:36:05
I need to remove the Back to Gallery link, but only in the frontend single upload form, not any other forms.  In the edit/default.php, it's loading the code from $this->loadTemplate('header').   Where do I find header and will changing it also remove Back to Gallery in other views? 
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