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31-05-2020 06:31:17
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1  JoomGallery 3.x JUX / Miscellaneous / Re: Is JoomGallery still going? on: 01-10-2014 08:34:05
Maybe worth opening a ticket?
Could it be something to do with that they changed the terms?

i believe it had something to do with the fact that the links to the site didn't work anymore.
2  JoomGallery 2.x ACL / Frontend / Re: Adding some script to detail.php (detailview) on: 09-08-2014 23:21:02
What I needed to add in the script was the following:

foto=<?php echo $this->_ambit->getImg('orig_url', $this->image); ?>&
thumb=<?php echo $this->_ambit->getImg('thumb_url',$this->image);?>&[

and set to use 'real paths' (if I remember correctly).
3  JoomGallery 2.x ACL / Frontend / Re: Adding some script to detail.php (detailview) on: 05-08-2014 22:42:04
Still trying to figure this out. But it looks it's too difficult to do with Joomgalley/Joomla.
4  JoomGallery 3.x JUX / Backend / Administration / Re: Pagination link redirects to gallery home on: 01-08-2014 20:49:41
This indeed fixed the problem. Would have liked to have it as the homepage.
5  JoomGallery 2.x ACL / Frontend / Adding some script to detail.php (detailview) on: 31-07-2014 22:28:25
I'm trying to add the following to the detail view

<!-- OYPO -->
<br /><br /><script language="JavaScript" src="http://www.oypo.nl/pixxer/api/orderbutton.asp?
<script language="JavaScript" src="http://www.oypo.nl/pixxer/api/pixxerinit.asp?buttonadd=http://www.kijk.us/selectionadd.gif&buttondel=http://www.kijk.us/selectiondel.gif&nologo=1"></script>

<br />Aantal foto's in winkelwagen: <span id="PixxerSelectionCount"></span>

<script language="JavaScript" src="http://www.oypo.nl/pixxer/api/pixxerinit.asp?

<div id="PixxerSelection"></div><br clear=all>
<p id="PixxerBestelknop" style="display:none">checkout via de Oypo-site: <a href="javascript:document.location='http://www.oypo.nl/winkelwagen/?cart='+winkelwagen+'&retourlink=http://www.voorugezien.nl/'">checkout</a><br>


<!-- end OYPO -->

It should add a direct link to a (Dutch) printing company, so people can get the photo's they want from the site, without me having to do all the hard work ;)

I just don't know what to add to [[ORIGINALIMAGE]] and [[THUMB]] setting. Have tried to use 'jg_pathoriginalimage' and 'paththumbs' but that doesn't seem to be correct.

For example, http://voorugezien.nl/index.php/fotogallery/2012/maart/ncn-batavia-werf/batavia-werf-1-672 would be the 'thumb' and the pop-up-version of it would be the original image.

Tried to read through several pages on the forum but can't find anything that would work.
6  JoomGallery 3.x JUX / Backend / Administration / Re: Pagination link redirects to gallery home on: 22-07-2014 13:25:54
Has this been solved for you?

Finding the same problem.
7  Archive / Showcase / Re: Site Updated on: 21-07-2014 20:52:27
Your site looks amazing. Looking into creating such myself, but since almost two years have past, I don't suppose this will work on the present Joomla and Joom:gallery installation.
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