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23-02-2020 13:07:49
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1  JoomGallery 3.x JUX / Backend / Administration / Unable to upload photos on: 15-04-2018 22:17:43
Recently I have moved my website to another hosting. I can create categories after creating the ftp user but I cannot upload new files. What's wrong? How can i debug the error? where can i read the wrong messages?
2  JoomGallery 3.0 JUX - Extensions / Plugins / Flickr on: 06-03-2016 18:16:16
Ive been using this extension since 2009. I would like to integrate the extension with flickr because i would like to store my photos there instead of my hosting. How can i do that? is it possible?

the reasons is because, the quality is better and ive got more storage and free.

I think that now in my flickr you can store 1tb for free and in my hosting ive got 10 gb and in this space ive got the e-mail server and the rest of my web(mp3s, docs, pdfs,...)
3  JoomGallery 3.x JUX / Installation / Update / Problems with forum on: 18-10-2015 10:53:35

I know that this must be published in a noather forum but i dont find a form where to publish it. Sorry.

I cannot acces to the form throught some places using the same laptop. I receive a messages that said me that is forbidden because there is a problem in my laptop.

i cannot access using a vodafone connectoin that ive got or throught my job but instead i can access throought my movistarconnection. a month ago i could access through my mobile connection but now its impossible. why?

Whats the matter? is there any problem with some connectons? i say sth wrong and you ban this access? i think joomgallery is a good component and i need to ask questions just to improve the use i give it.

thank you

4  JoomGallery 3.0 JUX - Extensions / Plugins / Re: Plugins on: 18-10-2015 10:48:06
Is there a place where i can see the Photoswipe working? and the pretty-photo-box?

im using slimbox for viewing my galleries and i would like to know if this plugin there is the possibility to put two arrows below the images. the reason is that people dont see the prev and next and they dont navigate throught the whole galleries.

Secondly, i would like to know more things about slimbox.  I'd like to go the previous page of the browser when you press the key esc.i was thnk in sth like this: function close() {
    if (activeImage >= 0) {
      activeImage = prevImage = nextImage = -1; = "none";   

    return false;

5  JoomGallery 3.0 JUX - Extensions / Plugins / Plugins on: 06-09-2015 15:29:01
im using slimbox for my web, but which is the best one?
6  JoomGallery 3.0 JUX - Extensions / Plugins / joomgallery autoload on: 05-09-2015 17:47:58

im using slimbox and i think its slowly. which is the best plugin of all? its baed on motools and i dont know if that is good for slimbox.

im doing a autoload. My gallery is autoload when i click. the problem is that is quite slowly this autoload.

<script type="text/javascript">
window.addEvent("domready", function(){



which is the best method? when somebody press close i want to go to the previous page, not to to the detail page.
7  JoomGallery 3.x JUX / Frontend / Re: Auto popup? on: 05-09-2015 00:58:02
hello any one resolve the problem?im looking for this solution.
8  JoomGallery 3.x JUX / Interaction with other components / AUtoload on: 05-09-2015 00:50:39

id ike to open in the detail page directly the lightbox, that is, in he page:

id like to see the lightbox directly(without pressing  the zoom bottom). Any idea? how can i do that? any special plugin?

i can use another plugin from joomgallery.

9  JoomGallery 3.x JUX / Backend / Administration / Re: Watermark on: 19-04-2015 16:04:07
ive got this permission. what can be wrong? how can i know the owner?
10  JoomGallery 3.x JUX / Backend / Administration / Watermark on: 10-04-2015 20:11:54
i know that im using and old version. but i have problems to show the waermark in my images gallery. i could show the watermarks on my images but now we i active this option, the whole gallery is not shown. if i disable this option, i can see my images properly but with watermarks.

my version is 1.5.5(i have to migrate i know, bue im still using  joomla 1.5).

Image Path,Originals image path,Thumbnails path,Watermark path. these directories i cannot write as it said: [Unable to Write to Directory, check permissions]

what sholud i do to solve the problem? What shold be the file permission? I can show you error.

Best regards,

11  Archive / Frontend / Slideshow on: 30-08-2010 08:54:20
Im trying to use this component in my web:

My problem is that when i press on the play botton, no photo is showed, my the titles changes. In the past, this work.

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