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21-08-2017 15:56:03
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 on: 20-08-2017 14:34:46 
Started by loppis - Last post by vip1968
I have a problem in frontend in joomgallery

thumbnails appear as strips

Please help me

 on: 08-08-2017 15:50:55 
Started by toad78 - Last post by mathewsic
try to change zip > rar or others.

 on: 08-08-2017 07:49:50 
Started by maxdel - Last post by modir.asd
Yes, I had a problem with that

 on: 04-08-2017 06:51:00 
Started by fdeco - Last post by fdeco
Please reply. Thank you

 on: 01-08-2017 15:08:01 
Started by Yvon - Last post by Yvon
I just noticed that the plugin "AcyMailing: (auto) Subscribe during Joomla registration" disrupts the display of the detail images. You must stop this plugin in order to display the images.

 on: 31-07-2017 22:51:58 
Started by toad78 - Last post by toad78
Warning: File /home1/fubar/public_html/administrator/components/com_joomgallery/temp/foo/ not uploaded for security reasons!

Just started happening. Not certain why or how to fix.

 on: 30-07-2017 12:14:20 
Started by MHE - Last post by MHE
Hi all - Newbie here (and I cant seem to find solution in previous posts) ...

Question: I have 100 images and in Image Manager I wrote a few key words under the "description" area as well as MetaData parameters

I want to be able to limit down the number of images that have a specific description/key word that I type in the SEARCH - however it only allows ONE keyword/description ...

QUESTION how can I SEARCH and DISPLAY images with multiple keywords, for example
Keyword #1 - Gender (male or female)
Keyword #2 - Eye Colour (blue, green, black, brown)
Keyword #3 - Hair Colour(blond, black, brown)
Keyword #4 - Nationality (European, Africa, Asian)

assuming that I used different descriptions (4 for each image) how do I search and get ONLY those images displayed that satisfy my FOUR SEARCH criteria

thanX in advance


 on: 30-07-2017 11:20:50 
Started by enator - Last post by falcao
can You tell which application is JoomGallery

 on: 30-07-2017 11:18:20 
Started by Virtuox - Last post by falcao
Hello guys, Good morning!

I m like so much joomGallery and every day I study it more and more!

Now I need enable in JoomGallery the most popular nowadays view from galleries.

Every gallery is using it, I wish so much use it too, like Facebook view, phocagallery view, Community Builder, JoomSocial. It is the most popular view ever times.

Just say where I can set it to joomImage please.I can not find

can You tell what JoomGallery are used
I ll Give you examples what I say: Facebook and CB
It need contain Rating image, comments description, user upload(link to CB) and title image in a sidebar into lightbox. You can comment and rate the image in lightbox:

I ll be very greatiful dor some reply.

 on: 25-07-2017 15:44:22 
Started by spotdesign - Last post by spotdesign
I have found the problem:
In Joomgallery Configuration Manager under "User Access Rights/User Upload" there was the option "Delete original images after upload?" set to "Delete all original images" and under "Category View/General Settings" the option "Popup box original image" was set to "Yes". These options caused the slimbox appears with an error "Image does not exist"

So, I set:
"User Access Rights/User Upload/Delete original images after upload?" to "No"
"Category View/General Settings/Popup box original image" to "No"


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