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26-04-2017 07:53:45
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 on: 25-04-2017 17:40:44 
Started by wilhan - Last post by yaramoozan
thanks for answer......

 on: 25-04-2017 17:38:52 
Started by GJSchaller - Last post by yaramoozan
I've been looking to move away from the Batch Uploading, given the issues I am noting in another thread.  I wanted to try Drag & Drop, but am running into issues.

The images I am trying to upload are in the file:

When I try to upload them using Drag & Drop, it runs into an issue with the filename for the 2nd image, with a space in the file name.  According to the text, this should not be happening.

Is there something I am missing, or is this a bug?

????   what  is it? bug?//?

 on: 25-04-2017 13:19:49 
Started by warolf - Last post by figaran

 on: 25-04-2017 13:17:39 
Started by borjagat - Last post by figaran
work 100 % , great !

 on: 12-04-2017 21:16:00 
Started by Irina - Last post by Irina
There is a loop redirect problem on the gallery homepage with SEF enabled (Joomla 3.6.5). If SEF is disabled everything works fine. Unfortunately urls with index.php in the middle do not look good. Perhaps someone knows how to solve this problem? Thanks a lot.

 on: 12-04-2017 19:21:14 
Started by Virtuox - Last post by Virtuox

yes, this message appears when a Joomla user is deleted, but he is still registered as an image owner in the JoomGallery.
When you start a "check" in the Maintenance Manager of the JoomGallery, you will be shown all the images where the image owner no longer exists.
Then you can either delete the image either also delete the assignment to the deleted user.

Thanks so much for your reply Mr music. It was great. more one time joomgallery show be a complete and ruge extention and have all you need!

I my system user can delete your own account, this way it was important to me learn and now that I can decide if I delete de images or change author name :)
As this error in top page appeared untill i do this action, delete or change author name, I have a solution! The joomgallery template is set to display:none; for warning massages. So this way if I take some time or days to , the site dont show this warning message more.
To me it is perfect and the system work nice!!

Thanks! Thanks! so much!!!

 on: 11-04-2017 14:39:38 
Started by ljk - Last post by MrMusic

in the parameters of the JoomGallery cb tab plugin there are several possibilities to change the sorting.
To get more sortings, for example, insert the following around line 50 in the cb.joomgallerytab.xml:
<option value="ordering ASC">Ordering ASC</option>
Note that the ordering is only set within a category.

You can also specify multiple values:
<option value="jg.catid ASC, ordering ASC">Cat-id, Ordering ASC</option>

 on: 11-04-2017 12:53:33 
Started by altinsnz - Last post by MrMusic
There are two different problems.
1. According to your screenshot, at your site is not the original JoomGallery used for displaying but a customized version. To clarify this, however, i would need admin access to your site backend.
2. To create a new thumbnail, it is necessary to make a 'recreate' of the image in JoomGallery Image Manager.

 on: 11-04-2017 00:56:17 
Started by altinsnz - Last post by altinsnz

Thanks for your support so far. The Joomla core has been updated, yet an unpublished image still appears published. Also, when changing the thumb for the image, it presents as a new image and not a supporting thumbnail. Please see attached.

Further assistance will be most appreciated!


 on: 10-04-2017 18:48:50 
Started by ljk - Last post by ljk

I have the github version of CB tab for JoomGallery. What would I use for the sorting parameter if I want the user's photos sorted by how they have them ordered rather than by catid?

In cb.joomgallerytab.php around link 217 there is this code:
$rows = $this->_interface->getPicsOfUser($user->id, null, $params->get('sortBy','jg.catid ASC'), $picsNumber,$limitstart);
what would I need to change jg.catid to to get the user sorted order of the images?

Thank you.

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