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23-05-2017 14:43:07
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 on: 20-05-2017 20:41:05 
Started by jean-marie - Last post by jean-marie

Peut on créer des sous catégories ?

 on: 20-05-2017 17:33:24 
Started by montrosefc - Last post by montrosefc
Turns out this was caused by an error in the database and was easily fixed by going to admin tools--->Repair & Optimise Tables.

So pleased to have fixed this as Joom Gallery is definitely the best gallery for my site.

 on: 16-05-2017 17:43:47 
Started by dano75 - Last post by dano75

I'm using Yootheme template and I would like to change pagination view on my gallery.

I have to set
<div class="pagination">
<ul class="uk-pagination">

instead of
<div class="pagination">

Where can I change that ?

Thank you for your help

 on: 15-05-2017 13:19:53 
Started by Adrian - Last post by Adrian
Tell me how to remove them? Sad

 on: 11-05-2017 16:05:02 
Started by sorgina - Last post by sorgina

First of all I would like to apologize for the translation, but it is done with Google.

I remake my site of photos and I would like that the order of the images is made by the date of sending. The problem is that this date will be the same for all the photos and it is not possible to modify it. Apart from modifying the database, is there a way to change this date?

Thank you in advance for your help.

JoomGallery 3.3.3

 on: 10-05-2017 16:20:36 
Started by Adrian - Last post by Adrian
Hello! I want to disable the "Detailed view", and insert links into thumbnails, so that when a user clicks on a thumbnail, the user navigates to the pages of the site.

Tell me how to do this. Thank!

P/S Excuse me. Mistaken the section. I use version joomgallery - 2.1.5

 on: 07-05-2017 23:06:09 
Started by montrosefc - Last post by dr_lionheart
I am experiencing also the same problem, any help please

 on: 06-05-2017 22:36:08 
Started by montrosefc - Last post by montrosefc
I'm currently experiencing an error with Joomgallery which appeared over the last couple of weeks where it will no longer show images when I click on gallery thumbnails. I wondered if there had been an update which has changed the gallery settings?

The error message can be seen on http://www.montrosefc.co.uk/index.php/match-details-mm/match-photos/season-2016-17/season-2016-17/montrose-v-forfar-athletic-15-04-17 when you click a thunbnail

I've looked through the configuration manager and tried a few changes but so far no without success.

Any assistance on why this may be happening and how i can fix it would be appreciated.

 on: 29-04-2017 13:01:47 
Started by sorgina - Last post by futiz
Both have no problem

 on: 25-04-2017 17:40:44 
Started by wilhan - Last post by yaramoozan
thanks for answer......

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