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28-05-2020 20:54:20
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 on: 14-03-2019 13:15:29 
Started by Hightower - Last post by Hightower
Recently my joomgallery have startet to become extremely slow when uploading images via drag'n'drop in backend.
I upload maybe 20-40 images and a filesize of 5-10mb in total. This can take up to 4 hourse and during this joomla backend is completely stuck.
Frontend is working fine while uploading.

The problem have escalated during the last month.
Site is running joomla 3.9.4 and joomgallery 3.3.4
There might be something of +100.000 and 200gb of images

I have looked at the folders and only "recent_photos" is over 1000 files (1600)
Anyone got any idea of what could cause this drastic slowdown?

 on: 08-03-2019 09:08:29 
Started by xanter - Last post by MrMusic

first, we should clarify whether your problem with the migration is even solved.

 on: 04-03-2019 13:35:21 
Started by xanter - Last post by xanter
I can not setting the pop up images in the new site with the same configuration of this site
I use: joom 3.9.X and joomgallery 3.3.X

plese help me
thanks advance

 on: 25-02-2019 16:23:12 
Started by xanter - Last post by MrMusic

how exactly did you the migration?
For more information see here.

 on: 25-02-2019 16:20:59 
Started by xanter - Last post by MrMusic

there are already some posts on this topic, see here.

 on: 21-02-2019 22:32:05 
Started by xanter - Last post by xanter
Afeter the migration to JoomGallery JUI 3.3.4 I have this problem in CPANEL of joomgallery
1054 Unknown column 'a.downloads' in 'where clause'

All work...not work the cpanel

Thanks advance

 on: 20-02-2019 13:39:22 
Started by xanter - Last post by xanter
How to import Joomgallery from 2.1.6 (Joomla 2.5) to JoomGallery JUI 3.3.4 (Joomla 3.9.3)

I hope a reply

 on: 14-01-2019 12:50:49 
Started by Martin Lennon - Last post by MrMusic

...Can someone tell me what to do ?


You just have to delete line 20 (disabled="true") from the administrator/components/com_joomgallery/models/forms/image.xml.
Then everything should work again.  Smile

 on: 14-01-2019 12:43:38 
Started by edjec - Last post by MrMusic

yes, the JoomGallery uses the authorization concept of Joomla!

Before making any changes now, you should find the cause of this problem:
- Had it worked properly in the past?
- What has been changed so that this problem has arisen?
   - Were there any changes in the Joomla user groups (deleted / moved / new groups)?
     In a standard installation, the user groups in Joomla only go up to id=9. Are the new groups 10-13 below the group "Registered"?

Is there a backup from a time when the problem did not exist?

Then you can check the following:
- Are there parent categories that have other permissions?

What are the permissions for each JoomGallery category in the asset table?
- For a category where the problem occurs
- For a new categories

 on: 14-01-2019 02:56:09 
Started by edjec - Last post by edjec
JoomGallery v3.3.4, J3.9.1

I have a situation where existing users can’t upload into their category or edit images.  In their User panel, the category field is disabled and set to root.  When an upload is attempted, an error is thrown stating “You are not allowed to upload into this category”.  I assume this error is thrown because users do not have permission to upload into the parent category – which is correct.  JG permissions are set to the following in the _assets table:


2, 10, 11 and 13 are the proper Joomla user groups and 1 indicates access permission.

However, in checking each individual JG category permissions under the ‘Category Rules’ tab, everything is set to ‘Not Allowed’ in all groups except SU.  If I manually set to proper permissions, then the front-end works correctly for that category owner, but no one else.

If I create a new category, then all permissions are correctly set and the category owner can upload and edit properly.  I’ve scoured the db tables and have not been able to locate a joomgallery_table that has settings for category permissisons, so I assume JG is reading these from Joomla assets settings.

Running all maintenance routines show no errors.

To sumarize: all existing categories cannot be edited or images uploaded, but new categories function properly.  It seems as though the existing categories are not reading the permissions table, but when a new category is created the table is read. 

Is there a way to globally reset the existing category permissions or must each and every category be manually edited and saved?  I hope the former because there are over 4,000 categories.

Any assistance will be appreciated.

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