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Author Topic: JoomGallery MVC Alpha and Extensions  (Read 8100 times)
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« on: 01-09-2009 22:16:55 »

As mentioned in this article, you may download JoomGallery MVC ALPHA at this point. You will find it attached to this post where it will also be updated in irregular intervals. Unfortunately, there's no update script yet.

It would be very kind of you, if you tested this version of the gallery very extensively and report bugs back to us. For this, please start a new thread for each problem you discover.

As soon as extensions are available that are able to run with the MVC version we will also publish them here. Additionally we try to take care of an up-to-date changelog during the Alpha phase in this post.

We are looking forward to your feedback!

  • Build 20090904
    • Fixes in the interface.
    • Don't call a function in the userpanel which doesn't exist yet.
    • Overriding the current 'option' or creating of 'option=com_joomgallery', if we are not in the context of the gallery (Interface).
    • New option in the interface for opening the bigger images (see here).
    • Wrong name of variable in the function 'imagedestroy' (view: image).
    • Suggestion for an addition in the control panel.
    • Don't call a backend funktion ine the frontend upload class.
    • Note: Please use the file 'components/com_joomgallery/interface.php' from now on, the interface in the sub folder 'classes' will be removed (and the folder, too).
  • Build 20090907
    • It wasn't possible to disable all options for the EXIF and IPTC data.
    • Maintenance manager added.
    • Moved votes manager into the maintenance manager.
    • joomscript.js removed and the contents moved into the files detail.js, dhtml.js, jswindow.js, userpanel.js and jtext.js.
    • Folders 'classes/' and 'includes/' removed.
    • Redirect after succussful Upload in the frontend is controllable now.
    • categoryPath() in the  frontend JHTML helper.
    • Additional parameter in openImage() to be able to choose the image size.
    • Interface is able to return unpublished images and images in unpublished categories after setting the option 'showunpublished' now.
    • When creating a category in the frontend the owner ID wasn't set.
    • XHTML validity in the detail view (slideshow buttons).
    • Default image folders are created in the 'images' directory now.
  • Build 20090917
    • No octdec in JoomFile::chmod anymore.
    • 'getImg' instead of 'get' in JoomUpload.
    • Wrong name of the detail image folder.
    • DocBlocks in some files.
    • Set $type only if $type is equal to false in openImage.
    • Fixed bug which occured because the categories which are created in the backend don't get NULL as their owner anymore.
    • Additional parameter ($type) for the functions 'displayThumb' and 'displayDetail' in the interface.

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« Reply #1 on: 15-01-2010 10:57:20 »

You can download the modified version of CB Gallery Tab working with JoomGallery 1.5.5 MVC here
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