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Author Topic: Change in handling user / author (CB integration) starting from Build 20081103  (Read 5072 times)
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« on: 06-11-2008 21:43:36 »

Starting from the current build (November 3rd 2008), the name of the image author is no longer filled automatically when uploading an image (like it was done in PonygalleryML). A user's name is fetched directly from the Joomla user table in the database for displaying names.  This allows to switch from showing usernames to real names, and the names get adjusted when a user is renamed.
You can still (manually) set an image author name as admin, then the image will no longer be linked to the original uploader with Community Builder / CBe integration. Because existing images have the author name already filled, this has the side effect that these are not linked to any CB / CBe user profile.

If you have existing images and use CB / CBe integration, a one-time database query is necessary to fix that, deleting the author name on all images which have an unnecesary author name associated (because they are already assigned to the right user). Be sure to back up your database just in case, and run the following query e.g. in phpMyAdmin:

UPDATE jos_joomgallery AS jg, jos_users AS u 
SET jg.imgauthor = ''
WHERE jg.owner=u.id AND jg.imgauthor=u.username

(Adjust "jos_" to your database prefix)
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Sorry, no support via PM (unless I asked you for some details). Just post in the forum, maybe someone else has the same problem or already a solution available.

jAwards - a component for user awards in Joomla
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