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Author Topic: Better way to create 370 categories (or a different approach)?  (Read 1660 times)
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« on: 29-02-2012 17:46:06 »

We're migrating 8 years of photos from our old photo gallery to JoomGallery.  Photos have been categorized as Year and Date.  I not only want to migrate the old photos, but set up the categories for the next couple of years.  I DON'T want to create categories one by one, but JoomGallery forces me to do so.

The new category arrangement is going to be Year, Month, Event.  Our club has one meeting per month.  Some months have more than one extra event.  As I understand JoomGallery, I'll need to enter each category and sub-category by hand.  For 10 years of photos, that's 240 photo galleries, but to categorize them will take 370 category creations! (*)

Is there anything I can do to reduce the workload?  As it is, I'll be creating categories for 8 previous years, plus two years into the future for club member uploads.  Since members cannot create their own categories, they will need to be created in advance.

It's either this, or someone tell me which PHP files are used for back-end FTP upload, front-end upload, and category creation.  They I'll just add a couple of drop-down boxes to the upload forms so that categories can be created by users on the fly. (Typical programmer approach:  I'd rather spend 8 hours programming a labor-saving feature than 1-hour doing it all by hand.)

Hmmmmm, maybe I'll create a text box field on the Category page that'll allow me to enter many categories at once.


(*) Math for category total: 1 for each year and 3 for each month (month, meeting, event) per year = 37 for 10 years = 370 (YUCK!)

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