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Author Topic: Site crashes because of JoomImages module  (Read 1838 times)
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« on: 11-10-2012 08:33:30 »

Hallo there,

I want to share an experience we recently had with the slideshow JoomImages module, to help anyone who might meet the same problem.

I added the module to a very very high traffic site. On testing at our staging environment everything was ok without problems. When the site went live, the whole site started becoming very slow, and people started complaining of "cannot connect to the server" error messages.

Unfortunately, the installation of the module was part of a migration from joomla 1.5 to joomla 2.5 so we had no way of knowing what was causing the problems and the slowness of the site. After investigating for 3 days, I disabled the joomImages module, and the problems magically dissapeared.
I tested further: Next day, while there were no problems, I enabled the module and the problems appeared again.

What we are sure is, that when we enable the module, the site becomes slow and a lot of people have problems getting through
Upon further investigation, this is what I believe is happening (the theory could be wrong): The module is using ajax to make a call to the server to get new images. This call is happening every 2 or 3 seconds. The apache server, being high traffic, has the "keepAlive" setting on, at 3 seconds. The maximum number of connections was 500 which is absolutely fine for normal operations. What happened was that with the continous ajax calls, those 500 connections were running out very often, causing the problems.

Lessons learned: be aware of the automatic ajax calls, and what they can do to the performance of your site (Especially on high traffic).

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